about us


Sport Auto Detailing is the finest detail shop in Tempe. We specialize in Color Sand/Wet sanding, Interior detail, Engine Compartment Detail, Wheels & Rim Detail, Polish, Ceramic Coat and more.

We love to be a part of making and keeping your automobile looking and feeling clean and luxurious, whether you’re a car aficionado, or simply like a fresh car, we specialize in helping you have peace of mind, and full confidence in the appearance of your vehicle, inside and out.


Sport Auto Detailing was first established in 2000, leaving us with over 20 years of experience in the Detailing Industry. With this experience, we know detailing is our chance to show how passionate and skilled we are in this particular field of art. We are highly experienced and skilled when it comes to Color Sand/Wet Sanding, Dark colors, Interior details, and every possible phased of detailing.

Who We Are

Rudy founded Sport Auto Detail after years of working for other detailing companies. Rudy got tired of seeing quality and service being sacrificed in the name of profit. With to much pride in his work, Rudy opened his own shop and decided he would treat your automobile with the same level of care and detail he would give his own vehicle. He has always been driven by a passion and desire to see his customers happy, and able to share in the pride of a properly detailed vehicle.

Sport Auto Detail was founded with these values, and every employee seeks to uphold these even today:

- Surprise the Customer with top-notch results.

- Strive to get every car look as close to brand new as possible.

- Remain transparent with customers and treat them with respect at all times.