Let your car shine!

Detailing the exterior of your car so that it shines like never before is a four-step process with Sport Auto Detailing.

First: we give your car a detailed hand wash, using top tier automobile soaps, ensuring we get the basic level of dirt, grime, and things off your vehicle.

Second: we use a clay bar to remove any stubborn dirt or contaminants from the exterior of the vehicle.

Third: We use a machine to buff every surface of your vehicle. This buffing process will remove any scratches or swirls and will restore the paint to show room conditions.

Fourth: We finish your vehicles exterior with a high-end sealant which will protect the paint and keep the vehicle shining long after we’ve finished.

We do not use wax in our exterior detailing, as most wax solutions wear off within a few days after you apply them, and the wax is ultimately not healthy for your paint. This is why we use our four step process, to clean, restore, and protect the health of your automobiles paint.

Our Exterior Detailing Services Include

- Complete wash and rinse of the vehicle.

- Removal of all water spots and scratches from windows, paint, and mirrors

- Complete restoration of your Headlights

- Clay bar treatment

- Removal of swirls, and restoration of your automobile’s paint

- Deep cleaning of your automobiles undercarriage.

- Protection for your automobile’s paint with our top tier sealant.